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Use your Steelseries Rival mouse to show how much free disk space you have on your Raspberry Pi (or remote devices!)
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Light Of [Free Disk] Space

What would you do with a RPi and a GameSense-enabled mouse? That's obvious: make your mouse a free disk space notifier!

Let your mouse light its LEDs with different colours, according to the available disk space on your RPi. Useful if you use it as a downloading machine and you want a colorful~ notifier.

"Why?", you may wonder. It's Christmas, and I'm bored.

Installation notes

This project is separated into two components:

  • server a simple Flask server that returns a JSON

  • client a client that requests the percentage of free disk space to the Flask server and updates the mouse LEDs via SteelSeries Engine's API.

Please check the server and the client folders to read the installation notes of each component.

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