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Interpreter for the Human Resource Machine machine language
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HRM Interpreter

Simple interpreter for the assembler language described in Human Resource Machine.

This interpreter is intended to be used to verify hrm-compiler, especially optimizations (unreachable/not executed code removal, jump optimizations...)

Todo List

  • implement operations
  • implement json-formatted code
  • implement json-formatted input
  • output interpreter state as json at the end of execution
  • insert debugging hooks (brakepoints, tracepoints)
  • (maybe) execute source code directly

How can I run my code with your interpreter?

  1. Install hrm-compiler
  2. Run hrmc <mysourcefile.hrm> - it will generate the json-formatted version of the code executed by hrm-interpreter
  3. Run cargo run -- --code <mysourcefile.json> --input <myinputfile.json>
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