Games pit for teachers

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Games Pit has got two faces:

  • On one side, you have got a kind of games console
  • On the other side, you have got a simplified games programming framework
If you are a teacher, you can use both sides of Games Pit in your classes and give your studentes unforgettable lessons.

Here you have some tips:

Cause -> Effect (basic):
Let your students change different settings in one game.conf config file. Then, go back to the main menu and restart the game. See the effect of the changes. From the main menu, select a minigame and just press c to edit de configuration. (Check you have hacker_mode activated in gamespit.conf)
Separating Graphics (subjects) and Code (verbs):
Games Pit loads graphics and sounds automatically. Grab some new images (from openclipart for instance) and replace the default files with your downloaded ones. Some games require the new images to keep the original size (experiment).
  • Extra fun 1: your students could use photos of their own faces even!
  • Extra fun 2: record sound effects with your own voices ("Boing!", "Zap!") and replace wav files with these human effects.
Cause -> Effect (advanced):
Copy one game subdirectory to a new one. Let your students modify (a little) the code of that new game. Restart the game to see how small changes can generate a new game mechanic. From the main menu, select a minigame and just press e to edit the code.
Artist Skills:
Select a game and tell your students to edit its graphics with their favourite image editor (Gimp?). Respect sizes but change everything else. Convert the starship into an egg launcher, or draw funny faces for the coo-coo minigame.
There will be Hackers!:
Propose a game topic. Organize teams including members for these roles: analyst, programmer, graphic designer and sound editor. Change the roles for a new iteration.
Community Friends (ultra-advanced):
Make them fork Games Pit project in github. Add some games, and enhancements (contact me if some guidance needed). Make a pull request. :-)