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A Telegram Daemon (not a bot) for file downloading automation for channels of which you have admin privileges.


If you have got an Internet connected computer or NAS and you want to automate file downloading from Telegram channels, this daemon is for you.

Telegram bots are limited to 20Mb file size downloads. So I wrote this agent or daemon to allow bigger downloads (limited to 2GB by Telegram APIs).


You need Python3 (3.6 works fine, 3.5 will crash randomly).

Install dependencies by running this command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

(If you don't want to install cryptg and its dependencies, you just need to install telethon)

Warning: If you get a File size too large message, check the version of Telethon library you are using. Old versions have got a 1.5Gb file size limit.

Obtain your own api id:


You need to configure these values:

Environment Variable Command Line argument Description Default Value
TELEGRAM_DAEMON_API_ID --api-id api_id from
TELEGRAM_DAEMON_API_HASH --api-hash api_hash from
TELEGRAM_DAEMON_DEST --dest Destination path for downloaded files /telegram-downloads
TELEGRAM_DAEMON_TEMP --temp Destination path for temporary (download in progress) files use --dest
TELEGRAM_DAEMON_CHANNEL --channel Channel id to download from it (Please, check Issue 45, Issue 48 and Issue 73)
TELEGRAM_DAEMON_DUPLICATES --duplicates What to do with duplicated files: ignore, overwrite or rename them rename
TELEGRAM_DAEMON_WORKERS --workers Number of simultaneous downloads Equals to processor cores

You can define them as Environment Variables, or put them as a command line arguments, for example:

python --api-id <your-id> --api-hash <your-hash> --channel <channel-number>

Finally, resend any file link to the channel to start the downloading. This daemon can manage many downloads simultaneously.

You can also 'talk' to this daemon using your Telegram client:

  • Say "list" and get a list of available files in the destination path.
  • Say "status" to the daemon to check the current status.
  • Say "clean" to remove stale (*.tdd) files from temporary directory.
  • Say "queue" to list the pending files waiting to start.


docker pull alfem/telegram-download-daemon

When we use the TelegramClient method, it requires us to interact with the Console to give it our phone number and confirm with a security code.

To do this, when using Docker, you need to interactively run the container for the first time.

When you use docker-compose, the .session file, where the login is stored is kept in Volume outside the container. Therefore, when using docker-compose you are required to:

$ docker-compose run --rm telegram-download-daemon
# Interact with the console to authenticate yourself.
# See the message "Signed in successfully as {youe name}"
# Close the container
$ docker-compose up -d

See the sessions volume in the docker-compose.yml file.


A simple script to automate telegram download of big files








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