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AUR packages maintained by me
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upgpkg: iojs 2.3.4-2

Switch: npm from the arch repos -> npm bundled with iojs
Reason: The npm bundled with iojs contains some patches that make it
able to build packages that otherwise won't build, one example of those
packages, bson-ext, required by mongodb, and mongoose.
latest commit c37ff2c081
@alferpal authored

PKGBUILDs for Arch User Repository maintained by ethail

Includes control scripts for managing AUR packages. Huge thanks to eli-schwartz Requires @falconindy's pkgbuild-introspection tools to auto-generate .SRCINFO

How it works

Commit PKGBUILDs in named subdirectories. Export them to the AUR with the included aurpublish script, using the subtree push stratagem. This preserves an independent history for third-party hosting, pull requests... ;)


  • ./ ssh

    Append ssh-config rules for accessing the AUR.

  • ./ hooks

    Install githooks.

  • ./aurpublish PACKAGE

    Push PACKAGE to the AUR. With "--new", registers the package.


  • pre-commit

    Reject whitespace errors, and auto-generate .SRCINFO for all changed PKGBUILDs.

  • prepare-commit-msg

    Prefill the commit message with a list of updated packages + versions (if any).

  • post-commit

    Clear aurballs and generate a new, up-to-date aurball for all changed PKGBUILDs.

What I Maintain for now:


Any trouble or problem with iany of my packages, you can post a comment at the AUR package's page or send me an e-mail.

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