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Telegram Bot Exec Terminal Command

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Use Case

  • Running command on IoT Device through telegram bot
  • Transfering Files through telegram bot

How To Install

  1. Prebuilt Binary you can download prebuild binary depends on your os and arch, available prebuilts here:

    Once the binary is downloaded, you can move the binary to /usr/local/bin

  2. Build From Source If your arch os is not listed in the prebuilt binary you can build from source.

    Required :

    • Go ^1.18
    • gcc

    How to build :

    • clone git clone
    • build go build -o teleterm-bin ./cmd...

How To Run :

Required :

  • Telegram bot tokens, to get tokens please refer to Telegram Docs
  1. Setting Up Config

    To setup fresh teleterm run

    teleterm fresh

    Teleterm Fresh Configure

    teleterm will create folder on your home folder with name .teleterm contains :

    • config.yaml config yaml hold teleterm config :

      Key Value
      telegram_token telegram token from bot father
      shell_executor /bin/bash or /bin/sh .etc default is /bin/bash

      example config.yaml

       		telegram_token: "my_tele_token"
       		shell_executor: "/bin/bash"
  2. Run teleterm

    To run teleterm simply run teleterm and log info will displayed.

    Teleterm Running

Available Bot Command

Command Desc Example
/refresh Refresh the bot system /refresh
/run <command> executing command /run ping -c 5
/getfile <filepath> transfer donwload file from bot server /getfile /home/raspi/myfile.txt
/addbutton <button_name>!!<command> add button shortcut /addbutton ping!!ping -c 5
/deletebutton <button_name> delete button shortcut /deletebutton ping

Run Command

To execute commands from telegram just send a message using the following format :

/run <command>

for example :

/run ping -c 5

output replied by telegram bot :

Run command

Add Button Shortcut

To execute commands from the telegram button, you need to add a button, just send a message using the following format :

/addbutton <button_name>!!<command>

for example :

/addbutton ping!!ping -c 5

output replied by telegram bot :

Add Button

a new button will appear :

Show Buttons

Shortcut Button

To run a command using a shortcut just click the telegram button the bot will find the exec command from the database.

Delete Button Shortcut

To remove a shortcut simply send a message using the following format:

/deletebutton <button_name>

for example :

/deletebutton ping

output replied by telegram bot :

Delete Button

then updated buttons will appear.

Uploading File

To upload a file just send the document on telegram :

Upload File

By default it will upload in cwd path if you don't add target path on file mention.

output replied by telegram bot :

Upload Success

Download file

To download the file simply send a message using the following format :

/getfile <filepath>

Filepath is the filepath where teleterm runs

for example :

/getfile /home/raspi/hello.txt

output replied by telegram bot :

Downloaded File