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How to configure Apple (tm) Pass integration

create a new Apple (tm) Pass ID

access the create Pass ID page and follow the on-screen instruction to generate your new Pass ID and the corresponding certificates.

Download the certificate on your disk

download the certificate on your disk, as suggested during the generation process, then double-click on it to install in Keychain Access

Export certificate

make sure to select "My Certificates" under "Category", as shown by the screenshot below

Select your pass from the list

open context menu, then select "Export Pass ..." and export it as P12 file. Please make sure to enter a strong password, you'll need it afterwards.

Import certificate in

open a terminal, go to the folder where the exported P12 is, then execute the following command:

$ base64 certificate.p12

and copy the output.

then open you instance and set the relevant options:

that's it! Enjoy Apple (tm) Pass integration!

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