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pulling crypto premium data using python
Python R Shell
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Pulling crypto premiums from okex using python. This script will be a baseline for building some data viz later on...most likely will build it in flask.

Also thinking of doing the same thing in R, just to test out the R + shiny performance.


Biggest pain in the world link. I spent all day trying to figure out why my reticulate package wasn't working.....then I realized I can't use python3!!!!!

I just quickly created a python 2.7 virtualenv from this link and got it all working

development notes:

Reticulate usages

Run 1 file at a time: py_run_file("")

Run 1 file, but execute one of the functions:

okex <- import_from_path('okex', path = ".", convert = TRUE)

Import the modulem, then have another script that references it

	okex <- import_from_path('okex', path = ".", convert = TRUE)
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