Init script for Minecraft, Bukkit, and Spigot servers. Sponge support coming soon.
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Init script for various Minecraft servers

A init script that, apart form starting and stopping the server correctly, has many extra features for running a vanilla Minecraft, Spigot, or Bukkit server.


  • Support for automated server management
  • Easy updates with Spigot BuildTools support
  • More to come soon


git, java, screen

Note: This currently does not work with OpenJDK 9.0.

Access server console

service minecraft console

Exit the console

Screen:	CTRL+A D
Byobu:	CTRL+A A D


  1. Symlink the minecraft file to /etc/init.d/minecraft, set the required premissions and update rc.d.

     sudo ln -s ~/minecraft-init/minecraft /etc/init.d/minecraft
     chmod 755  ~/minecraft-init/minecraft
     sudo update-rc.d minecraft defaults
  2. Edit the variables in config.example to your needs and rename it to config (leaving it in the same folder as the original minecraft script)

For more help with the script, run

/etc/init.d/minecraft help