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Ubuntu Core for Jetson TX1/TX2/Nano/Xavier

This repository contains scripts to create a tarball with all what is needed to flash Ubuntu Core 18 in a Jetson TX1/TX2/Nano/Xavier device.

Build instructions

First, you will need to build the kernel and gadget snaps for the device. For that, clone the following repos and follow the instructions in the respective files:

Then, install ubuntu-image with

snap install --edge ubuntu-image

(we need to use the edge channel for the moment for xavier images).

Once you have created the snaps, you can create an installation tarball by running

./ <tx1|tx2|nano|xavier> <snap_account_id> <gadget_snap_file> <kernel_snap_file> [key_name]

The snap account id can be found in your account details in You will need an Ubuntu One account for this. You will also need a key registered with snapcraft to be able to create a model for the device. The key name parameter is necessary only if different from default.

After building, you will find a file named out-<tx1|tx2|nano|xavier>/core-18-jetson-<tx1|tx2|nano|xavier>.tar.xz that contains instructions and all needed files to flash UC18 into the device.

You can also download the latest tarball from the releases tab.