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Emoji Code Review - Browser Extension

Tone is advanced enough, however written feedback creates is tough to convey meaning.

When many misunderstandings regarding what sure comments meant, we tend to enforced the Emoji Code.

Whereas it’s not a substitute for written feedback, we incorporate emoji as associate degree indicator for the type of comment we make whenever we can.

🎉 Installation

Install the extension according to your browser:

🧩 Features

  • 🔍 Search for a specific emoji's code/emoji by name or description
  • 🌔 Dark/light mode (⚙️)
  • ❌ Close extension's popup after a emoji is saved in the clipboard (⚙️)

✨ Usage (with keyboard shortcuts)

  • search emoji names or descriptions
  • use tab and Shift+tab to navigate between the shortcodes and emojis
  • press Enter to copy

🦄 Contributing

All remarks are welcome so feel free to open an issue 😉 Wants to collaborate? Please read the contributing guidelines.

📄 License

The code is available under the MIT license.

Made with ❤ by AlfredDagenais (