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-# Readme
+# node-express-coffeescript
-A simple Node template with Express, CoffeeScript and Jade.
+A simple Node template with Express, CoffeeScript, Jade and Connect.
## Dependencies
-This template can be used to create Node applications using;
+This template can be used to create [Node]( applications using;
-* Express
-* CoffeeScript!
-* Jade
-* Connect
+* [Express](
+* [CoffeeScript](
+* [Jade](
+* [Connect](
## Install
-# Install Node.js and npm
+# Install Node and npm
npm install connect
npm install express
npm install coffee-script
@@ -40,5 +34,5 @@ node app.js
* [Tom Wilson]( for express-coffee the original behind this template and readme
* [Jeremy Ashkenas]( for coffee-script
-* [TJ Holowaychuk]( for express and jade and connect
+* [TJ Holowaychuk]( for express, jade and connect
* [Ryan Dahl]( for node

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