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Emacs Configuration

This is the configuration I use. It is heavily oriented for web development and python.



These are some tips I've found useful. I write them down so I can remember them.

Find a replace on certain files:

- M-x find-name-dired: you will be prompted for a root directory and a filename pattern.
- Press t to "toggle mark" for all files found.
- Press Q for "Query-Replace in Files...": you will be prompted for query/substitution regexps.
- Proceed as with query-replace-regexp: SPACE to replace and move to next match, n to skip a match, etc.

Tail file on eshell:

cat myfile.txt > (switch-to-buffer "*my-new-buffer*")

Narrow mode. Hides all the unselected regions of a given file and shows them again:

- Hide: C-x n n
- Show: C-x n w

Count lines in a region:

M-x count-lines-region or M-=

Enabling JS validation:

M-x flymake-jslint-load

C-= Select in semantic regions C-c f - Go to next character typed C-c F - Go to next character typed C-c e - expand in semantic units Moz mode: narrow-to-region-indirect: Restrict editing in this buffer to the current region, indirectly. C-c i - Go to current definition. C-c o - List lines that have pattern shell-current-directory - shell in current directory delete-this-buffer-and-file M-x helm-swoop - search During isearch M-i to hand the word over to helm-swoop C-c p p - All projects C-c p f - Search all files in project M-x toggle-debug-on-error RET - Debug errors on command M-. ctag definition at point. (Inits any mechanics). M-x list-faces-display - view what can be changed faces. C-x C-b - List buffers by VC. M-x narrow-to-region-indirect - Limit edit text to selected section. C-c h i - helm-semantic-or-imenu

Useful documentation