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Simple vagrant machine

Python centric developing machine machine

I use this machine for doing some development bits that don't require a single instance.

Installation & Usage

Make sure you have installed:

If you feel adventurous you can install the release candidate 1.0 vagrant as a package that doesn't require a ruby gem.

Or you can set up the GEMS_HOME on your bash profile so you don't have to sudo the gem instalation:

export GEM_HOME=$HOME/.gems

Do a checkout of the project:

$ git clone git://

Copy manifest/machine.pp.dist to manifest/machine.pp and edit the file with your details.

Please note that these details are used to fill in the templates in puppet.

This asumes that you have a projects directory one level up ../projects of your checkout.

Finally on your checkout directory run:

$ vagrant up

And after all the output you should be ready to go!