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A multi-line multi-edit plugin for vim.

Just mark your lines (as many as you want) edit a single one and apply your changes. Watch how everything propagates!

Not sure what this is about? Watch a short clip about it: http://www.cafepais.com/media/i/plexer.gif


First question that comes up: "Wait! doesn't Visual Block do the same?" and you would be almost right. But visual block selections in Vim need to be contiguous. Not with Plexer! You can select arbitrary lines that might be (or not) contiguous.


The most basic usage scenario is: add a bunch of marks and then go edit in a non-mark line and hit :Plexer apply to get the edits propagated properly.


marks in Plexer are specific to the plugin itself and have nothing to do with Vim Marks (e.g. no conflicts or overlapping occurs)


Plexer is very simple, but to harness the power from it you should add some mappings. These are the calls that Plexer takes:

To add a mark

:Plexer add

To apply changes

:Plexer apply

To clear all marks

:Plexer clear

Other options that you might find useful are the signs that Plexer creates when you add a mark.

Show all the marks:

:Plexer show

Hide all the marks:

:Plexer hide