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PA.rticle SY.stems V.isualization and A.nalysis T.ool

(C) Alfredo Metere 2012 All rights reserved.

This software is licensed as GPLv3. Please report this message in your credits.

Dear users/developers,

The software aims to offer a powerful, parallel visualization and analysis tool for processing data that can be represented as particles, without the need of reinventing the wheel for each time particles systems analysis is required.

This tool was born as an examination project for a course in Programming in Science and Technology, organized by the National Graduate School for Scientific Computing of Sweden.

Numerous are the tools that can be adapted for such purpose, including popular names in scientific computing.

However, it is not negligible the amount of work needed to adapt the general purpose tools available for such scope, hence the advantage of this tool. You just load your data from CSV files, analyze it, save the results and publish!

Since it costed efforts and time to develop it, if you find it useful, please do not forget to put a reference to me.

I thank you in advance for your contributions!

Enjoy using or editing this software!

Cheers, Alfredo Metere

Doktorand i Stockholms Universitet Material och Miljö Kemi


PArticle SYstem Visual Analysis Tool



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