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#Ngx-Hacker News Build Status

##HN PWA Stats
Lighthouse: 91/100

Interactive (Emerging Markets): 5.3s
Interactive (Faster 3G): 4.3s

Framework/UI libraries: Angular
Scaffolding: Angular CLI
Module bundling: Angular CLI
Service Worker: Application shell with ng-pwa-tools and @angular/service-worker
Performance patterns: Lazy loaded modules
Server-side rendering: None
API: Node-hnapi (unofficial)
Hosting: Firebase with HTTP/2 Server Push


ng-app-shell - Creates the app shell using loading module.

"ngu-app-shell": "./node_modules/.bin/ngu-app-shell  --module src/app/app.module.ts
                                                      --url /loading 
                                                      --insert-module src/app/loading.module.ts   --out dist/index.html"

ng-sw-manifest - Creates the ngsw-manifest.json with the routes and service worker configuration.

"ngu-sw-manifest": "./node_modules/.bin/ngu-sw-manifest --module src/app/app.module.ts 
                                                          --out dist/ngsw-manifest.json"

ng-firebase-push - Sets the header with HTTP2 push on the firebase.json.

"ngu-firebase-push": "./node_modules/.bin/ngu-firebase-push --module src/app/app.module.ts 
                                                            --out firebase.json --in firebase_config.json"