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This software is even before alpha state.


This software depends on:

#Add URLs

To add URLs which should be measured for response time for now just add them via redis-cli

zadd urls 'http://localhost:1234/ping'

#Test server

test-server.js is a test server which hosts just a simple server which responds to GET /ping on port which you specify as argument To start the server you use: node test-server 1234

Which in turn will host a test server(localhost only) on port 1234.


Interval is a script which for now retrieves URLs which(you added via redis-cli) are need to be measured for response time and adds them to the worker-queue(makes it possible for workers to do the desired work) at the specified interval. You start it via node interval.js


The worker(s) takes an URL from the worker-queue(when available) and measures the response time. For now it just prints this information to screen. It gets executed by: node worker.js


Like I mentioned before this software is still in alpha(pre). For now I would strongely encourage against using it against domains on the internet(you don't control) because there isn't any throttling yet. Below I like to keep track of a list of todos:

  • Documentation is not up to the snuff.
  • Should have tests.
  • Should make npm package.
  • Client throttling. The client should throttle in multiple ways like for example both request per domain as total requests. I am also wondering if there isn't any library(npm) which can handle this for me. I should do some research on this.