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Desktop Sync for Alfresco Cloud (get an account at

A desktop client application written in Java for Mac OSX. Soon to be updated to also work on Windows.

Instructions: Download the myCloudSync.jar to your Mac and double click on it :)

Note: This will only work for Alfresco employees (in this version). Also, check the size of your local 'Documents' folder before hitting sync.. you may want to clean it up first.

The aim: To enable users to synchronise content easily and quickly with Alfresco Cloud without needing to do anything other than download a file and enter an email address and password.

The application aims to be incredibly simple and therefore has no confusing options for users. The following design criteria has been used:

  • The application should be a single file that can be downloaded and run locally without any installation
  • The only information required is the email address and password used to login to Alfresco Cloud
  • The sync runs as a background process and does not noticably consume system resources
  • The application synchronises only your local Documents folder with your personal site in Alfresco Cloud

To simplify things for users we have made the following decisions:

  • On OSX we will synchronise data from the local 'Documents' folder to the users private site
  • Sync is bi-directional and without deletes (for now)
  • Sync from the local Documents folder to Alfresco cloud is immediate
  • Sync from Alfresco Cloud to local Documents is on a 15 minute timer

Work is currently under way on the following new features:

  • Synchronisation of deletes (dropbox style)
  • Support for Windows
  • Disk space warning if your local Documents folder is > 5GB (you get 10GB free on Alfresco Cloud)
  • Secure, encrypted storage of Alfresco Cloud email and password (currently these are not stored)
  • Minimise to the system tray
  • Logging to file instead of gui text box

We may at a later date decide to add some advanced features like selection of local folder and remote Alfresco site. However, these will be very well hidden from most users to remove any confusion.