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A small command line tool which renders pdf files into png files at various sizes,
with presets for rendering icons for iOS, MacOS and Android

<a id="support"></a>
## Support pdf2png!

Are you using pdf2png to build your apps? Would you like to help support the project and get a sponsor credit?

Visit our [Patreon Page]( and patronize us in exchange for great rewards!

## sources

@@ -12,18 +19,20 @@ with presets for rendering icons for iOS, MacOS and Android

usage: pdf2png -i <input.pdf> [-o <output-file-prefix>] [-s @,@2x,50,100x50,100@2x,400%]
[-t ios|android-small|macos-small|android-large|ios-small|macos|ios-large|android|macos-large|retina]
[-A Resources/Catalog.xcassets]

-i — input file name, a PDF document
-o — output file prefix, to which the size and .png will be appended
-s — a comma seperated array of output sizes
-t - a target group, which outputs a set of sizes suitable for icons
-A - path to xcassets catalog to add the produced images to

### TODO Options

-a YES|NO — include alpha channel, YES or NO
-b 1|4|8|12 — bits per channel
-c GRAY|INDEX|RGB|LAB|CMYK — color model
-C x,y,w,h] — crop to rectange
-C x,y,w,h — crop to rectange
-v - version info]
-V - verbose
-z — crush, generate the smallest PNG possible

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