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πŸ—Ί Rings Of Power interactive map

πŸ”— Link:

RoP Map is an interactive map of the Rings Of Power TV shows. This is a fan-made application.

You can follow the journey of every main characters straight on the official world map.

πŸ”¨ Development


This app is designed with HTML/CSS/Javascript. Simple isn't it?

There is no JS framework nor backend app, ATM this would be an overkill for something as simple as this project. However, this may change if the ambitions of the application evolve over time.

This project uses LeafLet library for the interactive map part.


The structure is straightforward, but it may be subject to change during development.

  • πŸ“./ccs/ - All CSS files of the project (BEM naming convention)
  • πŸ“./data/ - All markers/paths data in JSON format (could be replaced by a databse later)
  • πŸ“./img/ - Images: designs, markers, cards, portraits
  • πŸ“./js/ - JS part of the project


The 0.1 version - Still clunky, but public ready

  • Show the path of main characters
  • Show the main RoP places
  • Design a decent interface
  • Correct typos, fix up writting error

The 1.0 version - This is no longer a shame

  • Make a tiled version of the map (no more 8mb loading at start)
  • Show the timeline of each episode
  • Show the timeline of each character
  • Design an awesome interface
  • Making the app fully responsive
  • Making the app fully accessible (at least A grade on WCAG 2, AA would be wonderful)
  • Refactor and fix up the code

I am open to any ideas to make this app even more cooler, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any.

🀝 Credits

This project is open to anyone who wants to help! Feel free to fork and pull request or to contact me on contact [at] or @algernhon.

A big thanks to our contributors:

  • MapleCreature (Tolkien cartographer)
  • Webcrawler89 (Tolkien cartographer)
  • drunkill (Location reviewer)
  • eric-king (Location reviewer)
  • AhabFlanders (Location reviewer)
  • HamAndSomeCoffee (Location reviewer)