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NEWS: Start adding 0.1.5 items

Signed-off-by: Gergely Nagy <>
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#+STARTUP: indent showall -*- org -*-
+* 0.1.5
+This is a bugfix release, without any new functionality. It is
+expected that this will be the last release before a complete overhaul
+of the library.
+** Bugfix: Restore glib 2.12 compatibility
+The examples used features not available in glib 2.12, they were
+changed to not do that, and work with this old version too.
+** Bugfix: Do not accept invalid index specifications
+When creating an index, the library now bails out early with an error
+in case the index specification is not acceptable.
+** Bugfix: Fix glib sanity check when glib is on a non-standard path
+In case glib was installed to a path that is not on the compiler's
+default search path, the sanity check at configure time failed. This
+has been corrected.
+** Bugfix: bson_cursor_find() & co. must match the whole key
+Due to a silly matching logic in bson_cursor_find(), and anything that
+built on it (bson_find() included) was able to match keys of which the
+sought name was a prefix of.
+This is now fixed, and the find functions will correctly match the
+whole key.
+** Bugfix: Fixed OID generation on 64-bit big-endian machines
+Due to a rounding error, OID generation on certain 64-bit big-endian
+platforms resulted in the timestamp part always being zeroed out,
+which made OIDs generated on such platforms useless.
+The rounding error was eliminated.
* 0.1.4 - <2011-08-27 Sat>
This release is a minor update, with neither new functionality, nor

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