Test xterm colors based on the work by [Wolfgang Frisch](http://frexx.de/xterm-256-notes/)
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XTerm Color Tests

When porting some code from Linux to SunOS, I noticed some differences in the color scheme of the output as a result of xterm incompatibilities. This was more evident when using GNU Screen. In anticipation of my recurring need for this code, I put it in as a repository.

The 256 color mode of xterm

Wolfgang Frisch discussed issues related to xterm 256 color mode at: http://www.frexx.de/xterm-256-notes/

16 Colors Test (bash script)

256 Colors Test (perl script)

  • Code: 256colors2.pl
  • Author: Thomas Dickey <dickey@his.com>
  • License: MIT


Appearntly, the above code is package as part of a Debian package called colortest with a python alternative named colortest-python