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;;; File : company-distel.el
;;; Author : Sebastian Weddmark Olsson
;;; Purpose : Backend for autocomplete-mode. To use this instead
;;; of company-mode, add to your .emacs:
;;; (setq ac-sources '(distel-completions))
;;; Created : August 2012 as an internship at Klarna AB
;;; Comment : Please let me know if you find any bugs or you
;;; want some feature or something
(require 'distel)
(require 'auto-complete)
(require 'distel-completion-lib)
(defvar distel-completions
"All it takes to start a autocomplete backend."
(list '(prefix . erl-ac-get-start)
'(candidates . (erl-company-complete ac-prefix (current-buffer)))
'(document . erl-company-get-doc-string)
'(requires . 0)
'(symbol . "m")))
(defun erl-ac-get-start ()
"Find a valid start of a completion word."
(skip-chars-backward erl-distel-valid-syntax)
(provide 'auto-complete-distel)