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;;; File : company-distel-frontend.el
;;; Author : Sebastian Weddmark Olsson
;;; Purpose : Not really a frontend, just replaces the function
;;; company-finish to start again after a completion.
;;; Also to have the helpdocs appear in a popup instead
;;; of a new buffer.
;;; Created : August 2012 as an internship at Klarna AB
;;; Comment : Please let me know if you find any bugs or you
;;; want some feature or something
(require 'company)
(require 'distel)
(require 'popup)
(defun erl-company-help ()
"If help text is activated, show it in a popup-tip instead of a new buffer."
(let* ((selected (nth company-selection company-candidates))
(doc-buffer (or
(company-call-backend 'doc-buffer selected)
(error "No documentation available"))))
(popup-tip doc-buffer :height 30)))
(defun company-finish (result)
"Overwrites company-finish to add some extra symbols and restart the completion."
(let* ((ismod (string-match ":" result))
(mod (substring result 0 ismod))
(fun (and ismod (substring result (+ ismod 1))))
(arg (and fun (erl-company-get-metadoc mod fun)))
(str (company-strip-prefix result))
(inf (gethash result erl-company-completion-info)))
;; insert result
(insert (or
(and (not ismod)
;; if first char is a downcase
(if (eq (string-to-char result)
(downcase (string-to-char result)))
;; either it is a local function or a module
(if (eql inf 'lu)
(concat str "(")
(concat str ":"))
;; else it is a variable and then just return it
;; if it is an external function and it has only one arity
(and (= (length arg) 1) (concat str (erl-format-arglists arg)))
(company-cancel result)
;; set point to the new position
(setq company-point (or (and ismod (+ (point) 1))
;; if it is a module, start the completion again
(when (and mod (not fun) (eql inf 'cc)) (company-manual-begin))))
(provide 'company-distel-frontend)