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popwin is a popup window manager for Emacs which makes you free from the hell of annoying buffers such like *Help*, *Completions*, *compilation*, and etc.

Take an example. When you complete file names during find-file, the (annoying) *Completions* buffer will appear in a newly splitted window. You might understand the necessity of the window, but you may wonder why the window still remains after completion...

popwin resolves there problems. Windows of such temporary buffers will be shown as a popup window, and you can close them smoothly by typing C-g in anytime.


Before Popup Window

After Popup Window


Install popwin.el into your load-path directory. If you have install-elisp or auto-install, you also be able to install popwin.el like:

;; install-elisp
(install-elisp "https://raw.github.com/m2ym/popwin-el/master/popwin.el")
;; auto-install
(auto-install-from-url "https://raw.github.com/m2ym/popwin-el/master/popwin.el")

And then add the following code into your .emacs:

(require 'popwin)
(setq display-buffer-function 'popwin:display-buffer)

popwin is tested under GNU Emacs 22 or later.

Basic Usage

Special buffers, for example *Help*, specified in popwin:special-display-config will be shown in a popup window. You can close the popup window by typing C-g or selecting other windows.

By default, *Help*, *Completions*, *compilation*, and *Occur* buffers will be shown in a popup window. Try M-x find-file and type TAB TAB. You may see a popup window at the bottom of the frame.

File Name Completion

Let me show other examples.

M-x occur

M-x compile


Please do M-x customize-group RET popwin RET. See the header of popwin.el, source code, and docstrings for more information.

Default Keymap

popwin provides a default keymap named popwin:keymap. You can use it like:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-x p") popwin:keymap)


| Key    | Command                    |
| b, C-b | popwin:popup-buffer        |
| M-b    | popwin:popup-buffer-tail   |
| o, C-o | popwin:display-buffer      |
| p, C-p | popwin:display-last-buffer |
| f, C-f | popwin:find-file           |
| M-f    | popwin:find-file-tail      |
| s, C-s | popwin:select-popup-window |
| M-s    | popwin:stick-popup-window  |
| 0      | popwin:close-popup-window  |
| m, C-m | popwin:messages            |

Special Display Config

When you want to show buffers in a popup window as you like, you need to write a configuration about popwin:special-display-config.

This variable is a list of a form like (pattern :regexp REGEXP :width WIDTH :height HEIGHT :position POS :noselect NOSEL :stick STICK). Only pattern is necessary and other keywords are optional. PATTERN is string or symbol. If string, it indicates which buffers should be shown in a popup window. If symbol, it indicates which buffers of the major mode of the symbol should be shown in a popup window.

Take an example. If you want to show *scratch* buffer, write the following code:

(setq popwin:special-display-config '(("*scratch*")))

And then display *scratch* like:

(display-buffer "*scratch*")

You may see the buffer at the bottom of the frame.

If you specify t to REGEXP, you can specify a regexp to PATTERN for matching a buffer name.

If you specify a number to WIDTH, the value will be used instead of popwin:popup-window-width. HEIGHT and POS are same.

If you specify t to NOSEL, a popup window will not be selected when it is shown. If you specify t to STICK, a popup window will be stuck by default.

Remember that popwin can handle display-buffer only. So popwin can't handle the behaviors like switching buffer. This is NOT a bug but a feature.



Show *anything* in a popup window.

(setq anything-samewindow nil)
(push '("*anything*" :height 20) popwin:special-display-config)


Show dired buffers in a popup window by M-x dired-jump-other-window.

(push '(dired-mode :position top) popwin:special-display-config)

Working with Other Extensions

Some extensions can't work with popwin or needs workarounds. Here is the known issues and solutions.


misc/popwin-yatex.el helps you to show YaTeX related buffers in popup windows. Add the following code into .emacs.

(require 'popwin-yatex)

You may write the configuration like:

(push '("*YaTeX-typesetting*") popwin:special-display-config)


misc/popwin-w3m.el helps you to show specific pages with w3m in popup windows. Add the following code into .emacs.

(require 'popwin-w3m)

It is recommended to change browse-url-browser-function to popwin:w3m-browse-url.

(setq browse-url-browser-function 'popwin:w3m-browse-url)

popwin:w3m-browse-url is a function (and command) displaying w3m buffers in popup windows if the given URL is matched with the rules.

The rules are described by popwin:w3m-special-display-config variable, which has a almost same structure of popwin:special-display-config.

The difference is popwin:w3m-special-display-config takes an URL regular expression instead of buffer name pattern.

For example, if you want to show google search pages in popup windows, the configuration could be:

(push '("^http://www\\.google\\.com/.*$") popwin:w3m-special-display-config)


There is an problem when loading windows.el after loading popwin.el. So load windows.el first.


Introduce basic API of popwin. See source code for more information.

Function: popwin:create-popup-window

popwin:create-popup-window &optional size position adjust => (master-window popup-window)

popwin:create-popup-window creates a popup window and return it with a master window. Master window is a window which is splitted when creating the popup window. A resposibility of closing the popup window is on developers.

Function: popwin:popup-buffer

popwin:popup-buffer buffer &key width height position noselect stick => popup-window

popwin:popup-buffer displays the buffer in a popup window. The popup window will be closed automatically. Keywords arguments are same meanings to an element of popwin:special-display-config.

Function: popwin:display-buffer

Same as popwin:popup-buffer except popwin:display-buffer refers to popwin:special-display-config and uses its configuration. If no entry is found in popwin:special-display-config, the buffer will be displayed as usual way.

Copyright (C) 2011 Tomohiro Matsuyama <tomo@cx4a.org>