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An Algolia tool to match and get known entities in your query
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Algolia Combinatory Match

An Algolia tool to match and get known entities in your query


  • > npm install -S algolia-combinatory-match OR
  • > yarn add algolia-combinatory-match


import AlgoliaCombinatoryMatch from 'algolia-combinatory-match';

const algoliaCombinatoryMatch = new AlgoliaCombinatoryMatch(
    { name: 'indexName1', attribute: 'attributeName1' },
    { name: 'indexName2', attribute: 'attributeName2' },

async function main() {
  const result = await
    'find an american restaurant in manhattan'

The result will be an object of this format:

  results: [ [], [] ],
  matches: [
    { hit: [Object], index: 'cuisines', matchedWords: 'american' },
    { hit: [Object], index: 'boroughs', matchedWords: 'manhattan' }


  • results the search results of indexName1 and indexName2
  • matches the detect entities in the query


AlgoliaCombinatoryMatch(appId: string, apiKey: string, indices: Array<{ name: string, attribute: string }>)

Create a new AlgoliaCombinatoryMatch instance.

All the following methods should be used on this instance.

run(query: string, check: ?(string, any) => boolean)

Run the combinator. check is a optional function that will decide whether the combination string should match the hit any. By default, it will match if hit._highlightResult[this.attribute].fullyHighlighted is true.

expandStopWords(stopWords: Array<string>)

Expand the default english language stopwords list.

setStopWords(stopWords: Array<string>)

Set a new stopwords list instead of the default english language one.

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