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Create InstantSearch App

⚡️ Build InstantSearch apps at the speed of thoughts

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create-instantsearch-app is a command line utility that helps you quick start your InstantSearch app using any Algolia InstantSearch flavor (InstantSearch.js, React InstantSearch, Vue InstantSearch, Angular InstantSearch, InstantSearch iOS and InstantSearch Android).



Get started

The tool requires Node ≥ 8.

npx create-instantsearch-app my-app
cd my-app
npm start

npx is a tool introduced in npm@5.2.0 that makes it possible to run CLI tools hosted on the npm registry.

Alternatively, you can use Yarn:

yarn create instantsearch-app my-app
cd my-app
yarn start


This package comes with the module createInstantSearchApp(path, options?) and the command-line tool create-instantsearch-app.

$ create-instantsearch-app --help

  Usage: create-instantsearch-app <project-directory> [options]


    -v, --version                                      output the version number
    --name <name>                                      The name of the application
    --app-id <appId>                                   The application ID
    --api-key <apiKey>                                 The Algolia search API key
    --index-name <indexName>                           The main index of your search
    --attributes-to-display <attributesToDisplay>      The attributes of your index to display
    --attributes-for-faceting <attributesForFaceting>  The attributes for faceting
    --template <template>                              The InstantSearch template to use
    --library-version <libraryVersion>                 The version of the library
    --config <config>                                  The configuration file to get the options from
    --no-installation                                  Ignore dependency installation
    -h, --help                                         output usage information


Supported templates are:

create-instantsearch-app my-app --template "React InstantSearch"

You can also create your own template and specify its path.


The config flag is handy to automate app generations.

  "name": "my-app",
  "template": "InstantSearch.js",
  "libraryVersion": "2.8.0",
  "appId": "MY_APP_ID",
  "apiKey": "MY_API_KEY",
  "indexName": "MY_INDEX_NAME",
  "searchPlaceholder": "Search",
  "attributesToDisplay": ["name", "description"],
  "attributesForFaceting": ["brand", "location"]

Create the app based on this configuration:

create-instantsearch-app my-app --config config.json


create-instantsearch-app is based on the module createInstantSearchApp(path, options?). The same camel cased options as the CLI are available.

const createInstantSearchApp = require('create-instantsearch-app');

const app = createInstantSearchApp('~/lab/my-app', {
  template: 'InstantSearch.js',
  libraryVersion: '2.0.0',
  attributesToDisplay: ['name', 'description'],
  attributesForFaceting: ['keywords'],

app.create().then(() => console.log('App generated!'));



You can use the web templates on CodeSandbox:


Create InstantSearch App is MIT licensed.