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DocSearch configurations

This is the repository hosting the public DocSearch configurations.

DocSearch is composed of 3 different projects:

If you want to run your own DocSearch instance on those configuration files, please get familiar with the scraper setup guidelines.


The DocSearch scraper will use a configuration file specifying:

  • the Algolia index name that will store the records resulting from the crawling
  • the URLs it needs to crawl
  • the URLs it shouldn't crawl
  • the (hierarchical) CSS selectors to use to extract the relevant content from your webpages
  • the CSS selectors to skip
  • An optional sitemap URL that will be crawled and then scraped
  • additional options you might provide to fine-tune the scraping

How it works

Once you run the DocSearch scraper on a specific configuration, it will:

  • crawl all the URLs you specified (from the start_urls or the sitemap)
  • follow all the hyperlinks mentioned in the page, and continue the crawling there
  • stop the crawling as soon as you've reached a URL that is not specified in your configuration or affiliated to a start url
  • extract the content of every single crawled page following the logic you defined using the CSS selectors
  • push the resulting records to the Algolia index you configured

Update You can check the DocSearch dedicated documentation website if you need more details regarding how to fine-tune your configuration.