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edavis commented Feb 8, 2015


It appears the combination of tags=comment and numericFilters=points>X is no longer returning new results.

The latest results are from early October 2014:

It seems to just be this combination. Searching for comments and filtering on created_at_i works fine. Searching for stories and filtering on points, num_comments, or created_at_i works fine.

It looks like a switch was made to the official HN API around early-to-mid October 2014 (#29). My best guess is this issue is related to that switch.


redox commented Feb 9, 2015

Yes you're right. The new Firebase-based API doesn't include any score attribute for comments

For instance

@kogir any input on that?

kogir commented Feb 9, 2015

We never really meant to leak score information, even in the pre-firebase private interface. I don't believe there are plans to bring it back. You'll need to email and try to convince Daniel 😄

edavis commented Feb 23, 2015

Ah, gotcha. No worries. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

@edavis edavis closed this Feb 23, 2015
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