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End-2-End test suite for InstantSearch

This repository contains the end-2-end test suite for InstantSearch.


Install instantsearch-e2e-tests and its peerDependencies in your InstantSearch project:

yarn add --dev \
algolia/instantsearch-e2e-tests \
@wdio/cli @wdio/jasmine-framework @wdio/spec-reporter \
@wdio/static-server-service \
@wdio/local-runner @wdio/selenium-standalone-service \

Running the test suite

In addition to the test suite this package contains two WebdriverIO configurations:

All configurations will run a static web server on your machine on port 5000 to serve the content of the website directory in your project, containing the InstantSearch demos to run our tests against.


To run the test suite locally create a wdio.local.conf.js file in your project root and import the local configuration.

const { local } = require('instantsearch-e2e-tests');

exports.config = local;

Then execute the following command to run the test suite.

./node_modules/.bin/wdio wdio.local.conf.js

On Sauce Labs

To run the test suite on Sauce Labs create a wdio.saucelabs.conf.js file in your project root and import the saucelabs configuration.

const { saucelabs } = require('instantsearch-e2e-tests');

exports.config = saucelabs;


You'll need a username and access key to be able to run the test suite on Sauce Labs. You can find them in the User Profile > User Settings section of your Sauce Labs dashboard.

instantsearch-e2-tests will read the username and access key from the SAUCE_USERNAME and SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY environment variables respectively. More information about setting up environment variables for Sauce Labs.

Alternatively you can store them in a .env file at the root of your project, instantsearch-e2e-tests will automatically load them using dotenv. But don't forget to add this file to your .gitignore.

Once your config file created and your credentials set you can execute the following command to run the test suite.

./node_modules/.bin/wdio wdio.saucelabs.conf.js

Overriding configuration

The default configuration can easily be overridden if you need to change some project specific settings.

const { local } = require('instantsearch-e2e-tests');

exports.config = {
   * Run local tests on Firefox instead of Chrome
  capabilities: [
      browserName: 'firefox',


instantsearch-e2-tests is licensed under the MIT License.


End-2-End test suite for InstantSearch



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