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Scout Extended: The Full Power of Algolia in Laravel
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Scout Extended

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To dig right in, visit the Scout Extended documentation.

Scout Extended provides the perfect starting point to integrate Algolia into your Laravel application. It is carefully crafted to simplify the usage of Algolia within the Laravel Framework.

It’s built on top of the latest release of Laravel Scout, the official Laravel search package. Using Scout Extended, you are free to take advantage of all of Laravel Scout’s great features, and at the same time leverage the complete set of Algolia’s search experience.


💡 Documentation

For full documentation, visit the Scout Extended documentation.

Note: This package adds functionalities to Laravel Scout, and for this reason, we encourage you to read the Scout documentation first. Documentation for Scout can be found on the Laravel website.

Because everyone should be able to build great search, you can use Algolia's basic Community Plan. It's free up to a certain number of records and operations.

🆓 License

Scout Extended is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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