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a collection of common data structures and algorithmic puzzles
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Data Structure, Algorithms and Puzzles Build Status codecov

a collection of common algorithms, puzzles and problems related to data structures and solution optimization.

String (io.algonomics.ds.strings)

  1. ReverseString : Write a program to reverse a String.
  2. RemoveDuplicates : Write a program to remove duplicate characters from an input String.
  3. MostFrequentCharacter : Return maximum occurring character in an input String.
  4. RemoveCommonCharacters : Remove characters from the first string which are present in the second string
  5. CheckForAnagram : Write a program to check if two strings are anagrams of each other.
  6. CountCharactersByPosition : Count number of characters at same position in the given string as in english language

Array (io.algonomics.ds.arrays)

  1. RemoveDuplicates : Remove duplicate values from an integer array
  2. PairSum : Given an array A[] and a number x, check for pair in A[] with sum as x
  3. SearchSortedAndRotatedArray : Search an element 'e' in a sorted and rotated array of size n
  4. ArrayRotation : Write a program to rotate(arr[], d) that rotates arr[] of size n by d elements
  5. ReverseArray : Write a program to reverse an array using iterative and recursive approach
  6. SegregateElements : Segregate 0s on left side and 1s on right side of the array.
  7. ShuffleArray : Write a program to shuffle an Array
  8. SegregateEvenOdd : Write a program to segregate even and odd numbers in an array.
  9. FindMinimumElementInSortedRotatedArray : A sorted array is rotated at some unknown point, find the minimum element in it (assuming all the distinct elements in the array)
  10. MergeKSortedArrays : Given k sorted arrays of size n each, merge them and return the sorted output.
  11. WaveSorting : Sort an array in wave form

LinkedList (io.algonomics.ds.linkedlists)

  1. FindIntersectionPoint : Write a program to get the intersection point of two Linked Lists.
  2. MergeSortedLists : Write a program to merge two sorted linked lists
  3. PrintReversedLinkedList : Write a program to print a linked list in reversed order using recursion.
  4. RemoveDuplicatesFromSortedList : Write a program to remove dupliate entries from sorted linked List.
  5. AlternatingSplit : Write a program to split a linkedList in two lists each having alternate elements from the original list.
  6. IdenticalLists : Write a program to check the equality of two lists.

Stack (io.algonomics.ds.stacks)

  1. ReverseStack : Write a program to reverse a stack using just the supported operations using recursion.
  2. NextGreaterElement : Given an array, print the Next Greater Element (NGE) for every element.
  3. CelebrityProblem : In a party of N people, only one person is known to everyone. We can only ask questions like "Does A know B?". Find the stranger (celebrity) in minimum number of questions.
  4. OverlappingIntervals : Given a set of time intervals in any order, merge all overlapping intervals into one and output the result. This specific solution uses O(n) extra space.

Searching Algorithms (io.algonomics.algos.searching)

  1. LinearSearch : Implement the linear search algorithm
  2. BinarySearch : Implement the binary search algorithm
  3. JumpSearch : Implement the jump search algorithm
  4. InterpolationSearch : Implement the interpolation search algorithm

Sorting Algorithms (io.algonomics.algos.sorting)

  1. BubbleSort : BubbleSort or ComparisonSort sorting algorithm
  2. SelectionSort : SelectionSort sorting algorithm
  3. InsertionSort : InsertionSort sorting algorithm
  4. MergeSort : MergeSort sorting algorithm

Recursive Algorithms (io.algonomics.algos.recursion)

  1. PalindromeNumber : Given an integer, write a function that returns true if the given number is palindrome
  2. Factorial : Given a number, calculate its factorial using recursion
  3. FibonacciSeries : Given a number n, write a Fibonacci function to return the N'th term

Data Structure Implementations (io.algonomics.ds.impl)

LinkedList : A generic LinkedList dataStructure implementation holding elements in a 0 index based format. The list operations are not thread-safe and should be used accordingly. The following is the list of supported operations as of now :

- add(T value)
- add(T value, int index)
- get(int index)
- getSize()
- insertAtLast(T value)
- contains(T value)
- delete(int index)

Stack : A Stack implementation backed by a LinkedList. The implementation is NOT thread safe implementation and is a very basic demo showcasing the implementation of the following operations on Stack dataStructure :

- push(T value)
- T pop()
- T peek()
- getSize()

Queue : A Queue implementation backed by a LinkedList. The implementation is not threadsafe and should be used accordingly. The supported operations includes the following :

- enQueue(T value)
- deQueue()
- isEmpty()
- getSize()
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