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Thanks for your interest in joining our TestNet, we are very excited to have you!

Algorand uses this test environment to measure performance and test new features. We collect metrics and data to help improve the protocol and troubleshoot issues (we will not collect this data on the MainNet unless you explicitly allow it).

By proceeding to join the Algorand TestNet you are acknowledging your consent to the collection and temporary storage for the data outlined below.

Location Access Retention Length
Private Database Algorand Employees & Contractors 6 months then deleted

Data Fields
Node Name/Statistics Node name / GUID
Log entries for errors
Disk space
Memory use
CPU utilization
Network connections
Running processes
Application Usage How often are nodes started
How long do nodes run once started
How many hosts are running multiple node instances
Catchup How long does a node take to catchup initially
How many peers contribute to catchup
How many failures per catchup attempt
How long does the node spend catching up, and as percentage of time since last caught up
Accounts At startup, account PubKeys and Balances (and available keys / valid ranges)
Crash Recovery Process recovery time
State of recovery
Consensus performance Per-Round stats
How long in each round
How many steps in each round
How often do we detect a partition
How long does the partition last
Block Stats How many transactions per block
How many distinct proposers & voters
How many equivocating votes / proposals
Network stats per-block
How long does block validation take
REST API How often each given endpoint is called
How often does each endpoint call fail and what is the failure type
How many people override the default listening port
Transaction Pool Transaction drop rate and type
How many invalid transactions do we see
Max / Average pool depth
How many transactions in pool when we shut down
Network stats Peer Connections
Reject / Drop Reason
Database stats Min/Max/Average db.Atomic call
Database size at startup / shutdown
Block count at startup stats How often is run
How often does find a new update
How often does fail when installing an update
How often is each channel specified
What parameters are used with (esp. -i, -n, -p)
How many people are running as a service ( can tell this if systemctl succeeds)
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