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Improving the developer experience of pytorch on Algorithmia and beyond!
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Improving the pytorch experience on Algorithmia and beyond.

Caveat - The ergonomic changes in this package have been checked for compatibilty with python 3.5.4, or the python3 language on Algorithmia. Some components might not work for other versions.

improving the Algorithmia pytorch runtime experience

Pytorch works on Algorithmia out of the box, however the default pytorch wheel files are more of a "kitchen sink" than a efficient minimalist package. This is not an issue when experimenting locally on your own machine, but because of how Algorithmia loads algorithm dependencies these large packages can really slow down algorithm execution.

Thankfully we've come up with a solution! Here is a step by step guide on how to go about improving your algorithm runtime experience:

If you're in need of the torchvision module, you'll probably want to use our compiled version as opposed to what's available on pypi, you can find it here:

For a concrete example of how to apply this to an algorithm, look at our pytorchDemo.

Improving the model processing experience

The pytorch torch.load() and tools are great at what they do, serializing big complex DAGs with potentially millions of super critical arrays can be pretty tricky. A design decision was made where the default torch model loader protocol does not save the network definitions required to execute your code along with the model itself.

In most instances, using these two tools with your static source code is more than reasonable. Most of the time, your model definitions are static and you're purely looking to explore ways to improve your model accuracy and perform analysis on your training process. In production however, this changes dramatically - backwards compatability matters alot.

The model_ergonmics script is designed to address this, and allows you to save your network definition module along with your torch model. This means that your updated algorithm can still work with torch models that might not have been backwards compatible historically! You can even import your torch model into an algorithm and run a forward pass without having to copy your source code by hand, making the cross-algorithm model loading experience DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself!)

Concrete example for this is coming, for a simple example please check out our tests file.

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