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import Algorithmia
import json
# The domain to crawl and number of links deep
# More here:
input = ["",1]
# Replace YOUR API KEY with you free Algorithmia key
client = Algorithmia.client('YOUR API KEY')
# Here we call the Site Map algorithm
res = client.algo('web/SiteMap/0.1.7').pipe(input)
siteMap = res.result
links = []
output = []
# Iterate through the key-value pairs from the site map graph
# adding every URL to the links array
for keyLink in siteMap:
for valLink in siteMap[keyLink]:
# Remove duplicate links from the links array
links = list(set(links))
# Iterate through the links calling Analyze URL on each
# Then add the object to the output array
# More here:
for l in links:
analyze = client.algo('web/AnalyzeURL/0.2.14').pipe(l)
# Clean up JSON and print the result
print json.dumps(output, indent=4)
# Run: python