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GitHub README Analyzer by Algorithmia

Think you've got a great README?

We know writing a README can be a challenge. And, how do you know what makes a README any good?

Instead of guessing, we used natural language processing, and machine learning to train a model on the 10,000 most starred GitHub repositories, across the 10 most popular programming langauges.

Try it out: We'll analyze your README, score it, and provide recommendations for improvement across five categories.

Learn more about our data science approach to analyzing GitHub README's.

Run locally

Middleman is a tool you can use to build and serve your site while in development.

Run the following command to have Middleman load your site and watch at

$ middleman server

To build the site, run the following command:

$ middleman build

This will build the project into a build folder. Upload this to your preferred site for hosting static content and you're done! Wow!

Note: You can also modify the build and configure it to your liking in the config.rb file. You might also need to install missing gems & install the bower components if you do not have them.