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Web Page Inspector

An API to instantly retrieve clean, structured data from any URL

This is a demo of several of Algorithmia's webpage inspection and text analysis tools, including:

  • Analyze URL - takes a URL and returns several pieces of structured data
  • Summarizer - creates a summary of the most important points of the original document
  • Social Sentiment Analysis - assigns sentiment ratings of "positive", "negative" and "neutral"
  • Count Social Shares - returns the number of times that URL has been shared on various social media sites
  • Get Links - scrapes the page for all the links and returns them as URL strings
  • Get Image Links - return a list of all the image URLs
  • Auto-Tag URL - produces candidate tags using LDA

With this demo, one can instantly examine a webpage, summarize the content and sentiment of each page, see suggested tags, and count social shares.

See this demo in action

This demo can be viewed at

Run it yourself

This demo only contains frontend code and requires no specialized hosting (or even a server).

  1. download the repository
  2. edit /JavaScript/web-page-inspector/public/js/main.js to place your own API Key (free signup w/ 5k credits monthly) in the line containing "Algorithmia.client()"
  3. if you have not already, run the setup steps outlined in /
  4. build the demo: grunt build:web-page-inspector
  5. open /build/web-page-inspector/index.html in a web browser

Find more information in the Algorithmia Developer Center or the API Docs.