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Video processing pipelines are difficult to set up even if you have access to GPU machines, luckily we did the hard lifting for you and using a user contributed car classification algorithm you can find all the makes and models of cars in your video with a few lines of code.

This recipe uses the Video Metadata Extraction algorithm and the Car Make and Model Recognition algorithm to find useful information from traffic videos.

For the full blog post related to this recipe, see Video Processing of Traffic Videos

Getting Started

Install the Algorithmia client from PyPi:

pip install algorithmia

You’ll also need a free Algorithmia account, which includes 5,000 free credits a month.

Sign up here, and then grab your API key.

Find this line in the script:

client = Algorithmia.client("YOUR_API_KEY")

and add in your API key.

How to Process Videos to Find a Car's Make and Model

After putting in your own API key to the line above run it in your console environment:


Built With

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