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Retrieve data from a public API, then train the Document Classifier to predict keywords for new text samples

Algorithmia's Document Clasifier lets you train it on a set of documents (blocks of text), each associated with a keyword. Once it has been trained, you can then give a new document and it will return a set of predicted keywords.

For the full blog post related to this recipe, see

Getting Started

Create a free Algorithmia account, and install the Algorithmia Python client and BeautifulSoup:

pip install algorithmia
pip install beautifulsoup4

Detailed instructions can be found in the blog post.

How To Run the Script

First, edit the script and replace your_api_key with your Algorithmia API Key

Use the command line, and navigate to the folder with your Python file and run:


This sample used PubMed data, but to go further, modify the script to use a different datasource API or a webpage scraper such as

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