A toolbox for algorithmic remixing, after Echo Nest Remix
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A toolbox for algorithmic remixing, after Echo Nest Remix.


Amen is developed on Ubuntu 14.04 and higher. OS X should be workable. Windows users should install Ubuntu.


Amen is pretty simple, but it stands on top of some complex stuff.

If you are on OSX, go on to the install Anaconda step. If you are on Linux, you'll need to do some apt-getting:

  • libsoundfile: sudo apt-get install libsndfile1
  • libavtools: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libav-tools

You should install Anaconda, (https://www.continuum.io/downloads) which will get you all of the dependencies.

Then, install via pip: pip install amen. That should be it!

(If you're a serious Python person, you can just get Amen from pip, without Anaconda - but that will require installing numpy, scipy, a fortran compiler, and so on.)

Testing the Installation

After installation is finished, open up a Python interpreter and run the following (or run it from a file):

from amen.utils import example_audio_file
from amen.audio import Audio
from amen.synthesize import synthesize

audio_file = example_audio_file()
audio = Audio(audio_file)

beats = audio.timings['beats']

out = synthesize(beats)

If all that works, you just need to play the resulting reversed.wav file, and you're on your way!


We've got a few other examples in the examples folder - most involve editing a file based on the audio features thereof. We'll try to add more as we go.


You can read the docs at http://amen.readthedocs.io/en/latest! You can also build the docs locally, using Sphinx. Just run make within the docs directory.


Welcome aboard! Please see CONTRIBUTING.md, or open an issue if things don't work right.


Amen owes a very large debt to Echo Nest Remix. Contributors to that most esteemed library include:

  • Chris Angelico
  • Yannick Antoine
  • Adam Baratz
  • Ryan Berdeen
  • Dave DesRoches
  • Dan Foreman-Mackey
  • Tristan Jehan
  • Joshua Lifton
  • Adam Lindsay
  • Aaron Mandel
  • Nicola Montecchio
  • Rob Oschorn
  • Jason Sundram
  • Brian Whitman