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A toolbox for algorithmic remixing, after Echo Nest Remix.


Amen is developed on Ubuntu 14.04 and higher. OS X should be workable. Windows users should install Ubuntu.


Amen is pretty simple, but it stands on top of some complex stuff.

If you are on Linux, you'll need libsoundfile: sudo apt-get install libsndfile1. If you're on OS X, read on.

Next, you should install Anaconda, ( which will get you all of the dependencies.

Then, install via pip: pip install amen. That should be it!

(If you're a serious Python cat, you can just get Amen from pip, without Anaconda - but that will require installing numpy, scipy, a fortran compiler, and so on.)

Testing the Installation

After installation is finished, open up a Python interpreter and run the following (or run it from a file):

from amen.utils import example_audio_file
from import Audio
from amen.synthesize import synthesize

audio_file = example_audio_file()
audio = Audio(audio_file)

beats = audio.timings['beats']

out = synthesize(beats)

If all that works, you just need to play the resulting reversed.wav file, and you're on your way!


We've got a few other examples in the examples folder - most involve editing a file based on the audio features thereof. We'll try to add more as we go.


Welcome aboard! Please see, or open an issue if things don't work right.


Amen owes a very large debt to Echo Nest Remix. Contributors to that most esteemed library include:

  • Chris Angelico
  • Yannick Antoine
  • Adam Baratz
  • Ryan Berdeen
  • Dave DesRoches
  • Dan Foreman-Mackey
  • Tristan Jehan
  • Joshua Lifton
  • Adam Lindsay
  • Aaron Mandel
  • Nicola Montecchio
  • Rob Oschorn
  • Jason Sundram
  • Brian Whitman