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Algorithms for Decision Making

Ancillaries for the textbook

This repository contains resources related to Algorithms for Decision Making by Mykel J. Kochenderfer, Tim A. Wheeler, and Kyle H. Wray (MIT Press, 2022).

Problem definitions

The problem environments used in the book (summarized in Appendix F) have been implemented in the Julia package DecisionMakingProblems.jl.


All textbook typeset code blocks can be found in this repository.


All figures can be downloaded here. Feel free to use these figures in presentations.


As more universities begin offering courses based on the textbook, we will link to their public syllabi.

  1. Stanford University, CS238: Decision Making under Uncertainty
  2. University of Colorado, ASEN 5519-003: Decision Making under Uncertainty
  3. Brown University, CSCI 2951-F: Learning and Sequential Decision Making

Feel free to file a pull request or issue to add additional courses that use the textbook.


Errata to the print version can be found here. You may also file issue reports there.