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This is an emacs major mode for the Boo programming language. For more info on boo, see

"Boo is an object oriented statically typed language for .NET and Mono with a python-inspired syntax and a special focus on metaprogramming through language and compiler extensibility."

For this reason, this mode derives from python.el (python.el "Gallina"). It is doubtful any other python mode will work with boo-mode due to the use of and dependence on the indentation features of python.el.

This file is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. See for more information.


First, you will need python.el: This mode derives from it and depends on its particular manner of handling syntax indentation.

Put this file in your load path and put (require 'boo-mode) in your .emacs. You may, of course, hook into the boo-mode hook if you wish, and you will want to define the autoload stuff. For example:

(setq boo-custom-macros '("client" "server"))
(require 'boo-mode)
(setq auto-mode-alist (append '(("\\.boo$" . boo-mode))


  • The faces are exposed if you wish to customize them.

  • You can define your own keywords that need syntax highlighting and indentation (read: your custom macros!). HOWEVER you will need to define the boo-custom-macro variable BEFORE you load this mode. This is due to some rather hackish macro expansion stuff that has been derived from python.el. See the example under Installation, above.


  • Improve and finalize syntax highlighting.
    • In particular, Attributes.
  • Add doc string support.
  • Add keymap support.
  • Interpreter support.
  • Break out font lock keywords into separate categories.
  • Debugging support?
  • Unity-specific support?

History and Version Notes:

  • 0.1, Feb 2014: Initial release, so, yeah. Don't expect shit to work much.