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Open source & secure PHP pasting tool - aAlharthi
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Open source & secure PHP pasting tool -

  • This project created by a human (college student) in less than a week, so mistkes happen. :)
  • This project is using Hashids, GeSHi, PHPMailer, and Securimage.
  • There is some functions/codes that made by other people on the Internet. [might have been modified too]

⭐️ DEMO:

  • Users /Main page: Pastie
  • User Area: Admin
    • Username: demo
    • Password: 1234

🚨 Requirements:

  • PHP 5.6.0 or above. [tested on PHP 7.1.2]
  • PDO extension.
  • SMTP Mail Server. [if not present regular PHP mail method will be used]
  • GD extension.

👻 Privacy is a big deal:

  • This project doesn't keep/save any IP addresses in the database ($_SERVER and $_REQUEST were never used by Pastie it self).
    • Mainly $_SESSION was used for this purpose and others (like cookies) counting the # of views is also using $_SESSION. So it might re-count the same viewer after some period of time (this period of time depends on your PHP settings).
    • FYI, the libraries might use these Predefined Variables but never saved in the database


  • An automatic installer is included [install.php]

🔥 Features:

  • Powerfull source.
    • OOP. [easy to develope :D]
    • Most of the stuff is defined, therefore, easy to edit/change.
  • Unique IDs. [Like Twitter, flicker, and youtube ...]
    • Users.
    • Pastes.
  • Respects user privacy.
    • No sensitive/personal information stored.
  • Pastes options.
    • Syntax highlighting.
    • Data expiration. [optional]
    • Data visibilty.
      • Public
      • Unlisted
      • Private [Only members]
    • Self-destroy. [optional]
    • Password protection. [optional]
    • RAW data.
    • Download data.
  • User Management System. [control pastes]
    • Delete/view Pastes.
    • Edit account.
    • Edit Pastes.
  • Contact directly on website
  • Support Theme customization.
  • Bootstrap theme. [for the admin area too]
    • Responsive design.
  • Support languages. [translatable]
    • Currently available only in English.
  • Admin control panel.
    • View/Delete Pastes.
    • View/Delete Users.
    • View/Delete Messeges.
    • System shutdown. [OFF=every submit (by users) will be terminated, except admin area]
    • Registration can be turned ON and OFF.
    • Edit Pastes/Users.
    • Block a User.
    • Upgrade/downgrade a User to/from admin.
  • Safe to use.
    • SQL. [PDO prepared statements]
    • XSS.
    • Captcha protection. [sensitive forms only]
    • Lock down feature. [simple yet effective]
    • Flixable admin folder. [can be renamed to anything with no problems whatsoever]
    • CSRF protection.
    • Reset codes expiration.

💩 License:

  • I was asked to choose one, so I went with GNU General Public License v3.0.
    • I don't really care about the details, just keep the copyrights please.

🐞 Bugs:

ℹ️ This was built by a human, so it might have some bugs. [no big deal :p]

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