This plugin allows html validation of templates and the response body of functional tests.
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= RailsTidy

This plugin allows html validation of templates and the response body
of functional tests.

== 1. Requirements

- tidylib:
- tidy for ruby: link: (gem install tidy)

<em>WARNING:</em> there is a bug in tidy for ruby.

The line separator is hard-encoded instead of using the <tt>$/</tt> magic
variable, so it breaks on unix platforms. Apply the tidy.patch[link:files/tidy_patch.html]
patch file to your tidy installation to work arround the bug. 

To apply the patch, go into your tidy for ruby installation directory
(mine is <tt>/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/tidy-1.1.2</tt>) and run 

  $ patch -p 2   < /path/to/tidy.patch

You maybe need to su as root for the patch to apply.

== 2. Installation

Unpack into the <tt>vendor/plugin</tt> and that should be it. Ruby bindings for
libtidy need to know the path to the file dynamic library file for
tidy. It is assumed to be found at <tt>/usr/lib/</tt> for
Linux, <tt>/usr/lib/libtidy.dylib</tt> for Darwin and
<tt>/usr/bin/cygtidy-0-99-0.dll</tt> for cygwin. If this is not the
case add 

  RailsTidy.tidy_path = "/path/to/your/"

to your environment file.

== 3. Configuration

If the file <tt>config/tidy.rc</tt> exists, it will use it to configure
Tidy. If you want to use another file, put 

RailsTidy.tidy_configuration = "/path/to/a/tidy/configuration/file" 

to your environment file. See for tidy available
configuration options.

== 4. Usage

=== 4.1 Validating templates

Simply use 

  $ rake test:templates

By default, the plugin will parse all <tt>*.rhtml</tt> files in your app/views
directory. For each files that does not validate, it will create a
.errors file which will contain the error messages from tidy for that file.

If you want to validate only one file, use

  $ rake test:templates FILE="path/to/the/file"

If $FILE is a directory, it will search for all <tt>*.rhtml</tt> file in it and
try to validates them. If <tt>$FILE</tt> is a regular file it will be
validated. If $FILE does not exists it will try with:

- ".rhtml" appended to <tt>$FILE</tt>,
- the app/view directory prepended to <tt>$FILE</tt>,
- the app/view directory prepended and ".rhtml" appended to <tt>$FILE</tt>

=== 4.2 Validating html output

The plugin adds a new assert_tidy method to the <tt>Test::Unit::TestCase</tt>
class. You can use it in your class by simply call it with no
arguments. It will validate the last response returned by a test. For

  get :index

=== 4.3 Cleaning rails html output

The plugin allows you to clean the html produced by rails. To enable
it, use an after filter in your <tt>app/controller/application.rb</tt> file

  class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
    after_filter :tidy
    def tidy

To configure tidy output, see "3. Configuration"

<em>WARNING</em>: THIS IS CERTAINLY A RESOURCE HOG. I'm not interrested in this
feature so I didn't benchmarked it but at first sight rendering is at
least 2 times slower with the filter enabled.

== 5. License

This plugin is licensed under the MIT license. Complete license text
is included in the MIT-LICENSE[link:files/MIT-LICENSE.html] file.

== 6. Author

This plugin was created by Damien Merenne <> and is
located at