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#!/usr/bin/env python
import copy
import json
import math
import os.path
import random
import re
from datetime import datetime
from datetime import timedelta
from rtmapi import Rtm as rtm
RTM_KEYS_FILEPATH = '~/.walros/memex/keys.json'
class Task(object):
def __init__(self, task_id=None, task_name=None): = task_id = task_name
self.due = None
self.added = None
self.priority = 4
self.estimate = None
self.postponed = None
self.completed = None
self.url = None
self.tags = []
self.notes = []
# RTM specific fields
self.list_id = None
self.taskseries_id = None
self.task_id = None
def generate_task_id(class_obj, prefix, num_digits):
task_num = random.randint(0, math.pow(10, num_digits) - 1)
task_num_str = str(task_num).zfill(num_digits)
return prefix + task_num_str
def generate_task_regex(class_obj, prefix):
'''All Task IDs match the pattern {prefix}[0-9]+'''
return re.compile(r'^%s([0-9]+)$' % prefix)
class Milk(object):
def __init__(self, api_key, secret, token, perms):
self.__rtmapi = rtm(api_key, secret, perms, token)
def tasks(self, selector):
tasks = []
result = self.__rtmapi.rtm.tasks.getList(filter=selector)
for tasklist in result.tasks:
for taskseries in tasklist:
# TODO: there can be multiple tasks per task series? wat
task = Task()
Milk.__set_fields_from_rtm(task,, taskseries)
return tasks
def create_task(self, task):
entry =
if task.due:
entry += ' ^%s' % task.due.isoformat()
if task.priority:
entry += ' !%d' % task.priority
if task.estimate:
entry += ' =%s' % task.estimate
if task.tags:
if and not in task.tags:
for tag in task.tags:
entry += ' #%s' % tag
timeline = self.__create_timeline()
ret = self.__rtmapi.rtm.tasks.add(timeline=timeline, parse='1',
task.list_id =
task.taskseries_id =
task.task_id =
if task.completed:
timeline=timeline, list_id=task.list_id,
taskseries_id=task.taskseries_id, task_id=task.task_id)
if task.url:
timeline=timeline, list_id=task.list_id,
taskseries_id=task.taskseries_id, task_id=task.task_id,
for note in task.notes:
timeline=timeline, list_id=task.list_id,
taskseries_id=task.taskseries_id, task_id=task.task_id,
note_title=note[0], note_text=note[1])
def set_tags(self, task, tags):
if not task.list_id or not task.taskseries_id or not task.task_id:
raise Exception('Milk: task rtm fields uninitialized')
if and not in tags:
timeline = self.__create_timeline()
timeline=timeline, list_id=task.list_id,
taskseries_id=task.taskseries_id, task_id=task.task_id,
def __create_timeline(self):
return self.__rtmapi.rtm.timelines.create().timeline.value
def __parse_rtm_date(class_obj, datestr):
if not datestr:
return None
# TODO: factor out format constant
return datetime.strptime(datestr, '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ')
def __set_fields_from_rtm(class_obj, task, list_id, rtm_taskseries):
# TODO: these should be set to None if not set in rtm =
task.due = Milk.__parse_rtm_date(rtm_taskseries.task.due)
task.added = Milk.__parse_rtm_date(rtm_taskseries.task.added)
task.priority = rtm_taskseries.task.priority
if task.priority == 'N':
task.priority = 4
task.priority = int(task.priority)
task.estimate = rtm_taskseries.task.estimate
task.postponed = rtm_taskseries.task.postponed
task.completed = Milk.__parse_rtm_date(rtm_taskseries.task.completed)
task.url = rtm_taskseries.url
task.tags = []
for tag in rtm_taskseries.tags:
task.notes = []
for note in rtm_taskseries.notes:
task.notes.append((note.title, note.value))
# RTM specific fields
task.list_id = list_id
task.taskseries_id =
task.task_id =
def init_milk():
# read keys; TODO: key path should be in config
keys = None
with open(os.path.expanduser(RTM_KEYS_FILEPATH)) as f:
keys = json.loads(
# initialize api
api_key = keys['rtm_api_key']
secret = keys['rtm_secret']
token = keys['rtm_token']
milk = Milk(api_key, secret, token, 'delete')
return milk
def id_from_tags(tags, id_prefix):
task_id = None
id_regex = Task.generate_task_regex(id_prefix)
for tag in tags:
if id_regex.match(tag):
task_id = tag
return task_id
def memex(milk):
# TODO: factor out 'memex' tag constant
tasks = milk.tasks('tag:memex and status:completed')
interval_regex = Task.generate_task_regex('s')
for task in tasks:
# TODO: factor out prefix constant = id_from_tags(task.tags, 'z')
if not = Task.generate_task_id('z', 6)
# move current task to memex-archive
extraneous_tags = []
for t in task.tags:
if t == or t == 'memex' or interval_regex.match(t):
archive_tags = extraneous_tags + ['memex-archive']
milk.set_tags(copy.deepcopy(task), archive_tags)
# extract interval size from tags
interval = None
for tag in task.tags:
match = interval_regex.match(tag)
if match:
interval = int(match.groups()[0])
if interval == 0:
# task is no longer of interest
if not interval:
interval = 4
# create next task in review series
task.due = task.completed + timedelta(interval)
task.completed = None
task.tags = ['memex', 's%d' % (interval * 2)]
task.tags += extraneous_tags
task.priority = 3
if __name__ == '__main__':
milk = init_milk()