Quickly templates that use git instead of bzr.
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These templates are virtually exact copies of ubuntu-application and 
ubuntu-cli. The only difference is they are backed by a git repository 
instead of a bzr repository.

You can create, package, and share projects made with these templates. 

You cannot yet release or submitubuntu with them.


git clone git://github.com/ali1234/quickly-git-templates.git
mkdir ~/quickly-templates
ln -s $PWD/quickly-git-templates/git-python-gtk/ ~/quickly-templates/
ln -s $PWD/quickly-git-templates/git-python-cli/ ~/quickly-templates/
quickly create git-python-gtk myapp

Note that with these templates "quickly save" will NOT add any untracked files 
to the index. This is a really horrible feature of existing quickly templates
and the main reason I don't want to use them: they create uselessly messy
histories. You probably shouldn't use save at all, just use git directly.
You do like git right? Why else would you use this?

-- Alistair Buxton <a.j.buxton@gmail.com>