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Update the readme for the new method of operation.

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@@ -9,10 +9,6 @@ Then run an xterm like this:
Then checkout source and run on the example data like this:
git clone git://
- cd vhs-teletext
- ./ example | ./
-You should now see some recognizable packets output, which means everything is set up correctly.
All the things you need should be available to run this on Windows, but I have not tried it.
@@ -37,15 +33,17 @@ Create a folder for captures:
mkdir cap0001
cd cap0001
+ mkdir vbi
+ cd vbi
Do capture:
- ../dumpvbi
+ ../../dumpvbi
You will need at least 15-30 minutes for good results.
End capture with ctrl-c and then go back to previous directory:
- cd ..
+ cd ../..
This produces raw binary files starting at 00000000.vbi. Each file contains 32
vbi lines sampled from a single frame. Each line is 2048 samples.
@@ -57,17 +55,14 @@ Step 2 - Run recovery
Run on the sampled data:
- ./ cap0001/ | ./ cap0001/pages/
-This runs the deconvolver and pipes the output into the page splitter, which
-creates a subfolder with directories for each magazine, and file for each page.
-It will take several days. You can leave it running and open a new terminal
-to run the following steps at any time.
+ ./ cap0001/
+Step 3 - Page splitter
+ ./ cap0001/t42/ 2> /dev/null | ./ cap0001/pages/
-Step 3 - Squash subpages to html:
+Step 4 - Squash subpages to html:
./ cap0001/pages/ cap0001/html-pages/
@@ -78,7 +73,7 @@ results.
-Step 4 - Copy font and CSS:
+Step 5 - Copy font and CSS:
cp teletext2.ttf teletext4.tff teletext.css cap0001/html-pages/
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