Linked Data Reactor (LD-R)
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Linked Data Reactor

Linked Data Reactor (LD-Reactor or LD-R) is a framework to develop reactive and reusable User Interface components for Linked Data applications. LD-Reactor utilizes Facebook's ReactJS components, Flux architecture and Yahoo!'s Fluxible framework for isomorphic Web applications. It also exploits Semantic-UI framework for flexible UI themes. LD-Reactor aims to apply the idea of component-based application development into RDF data model hence enhancing current user interfaces to view, browse and edit Linked Data.

Quick Start


You should have installed NodeJS, npm and Webpack on your system as prerequisite, then:

Clone the repository: git clone

and simply run ./install script


Fill in general settings for your application at configs/general.js.

Fill in appropriate values for server port, URLs of your SPARQL endpoint and DBpedia lookup service at configs/server.js.

Fll in appropriate settings for your UI reactors at configs/reactor.js.

Fill in appropriate settings for the faceted browser at configs/facets.js.

Run in Production Mode

npm run build

check server at localhost:4000

Development Mode

npm run dev

check server at localhost:3000


Check out for detailed documentation.